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Glenn Miller, MD


Medical Director

I am a person with roots in rural Pennsylvania. My roots laid the foundation for who I am today. Growing up, I became an Eagle Scout and Assistant Scout Master which allowed me to influence the lives of many people. My goal in life is to continue to influence others by promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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I have had an extensive career, starting with an undergraduate degree at Temple University. First, I became a pharmacist at Temple University School of Pharmacy and worked at the Medical College of Pennsylvania as a pharmacist. I then pursued a career in medicine as a medical student at the American University of the Caribbean and received a Doctor in Medicine at CIFAS University School of Medicine. I did a family practice residency in Reading, PA and also attended Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, completing a residency in Anesthesiology and a fellowship in Cardiac Anesthesiology. At Saint Agnes Medical Center (Regional Burn Center) in Philadelphia, PA, I worked as a clinical Anesthesiologist and managed critical care patients. I then completed board certifications in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine through the American Board of Anesthesiology and also had board certification through the American Academy of Integrative Pain Medicine.

After that, I trained in Acupuncture through UCLA Medical Center. I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, NY to obtain certification as a Nutrition Counselor. I then pursued a fellowship in Integrative Medicine with the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and became board certified by the same organization. Additionally, I had training in Homeopathy with CEDH at Jefferson University. I currently hold medical licenses in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.     


My objective is to help people through nutrition and lifestyle management. I do this through many modalities such as Intravenous Vitamin C, Ozone Therapy, Chelation Therapy, Nutraceuticals, and encouraging lifestyle changes to better one’s health.  

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Kyle Meyer, ND, IFMCP

Naturopathic Doctor/Managing Director

Born and raised in Hammonton, NJ, I moved out to Portland, Oregon for naturopathic medical school at the National University for Natural Medicine.  My 4-year naturopathic medical school training caused a huge transition in the way I ate.  Learning how to cook with more vegetables was a challenge at first but it made me a better health practitioner because it made me realize dietary changes are a process and you need to meet people where they’re at.  My medical school training provided me with evidence-based nutritional, botanical and pharmaceutical interventions for primary care issues.  The majority of my clinical rotations focused on intravenous (IV) therapy, dermatology and physical medicine.


After graduation, I passed my clinical board exams and moved to Atlanta, GA where I completed a 2-year AANMC-accredited naturopathic residency at Progressive Medical Center.  My clinical training at Progressive strengthened my skills in functional medicine lab interpretation, hormone issues related to thyroid and sex hormones, integrative oncology, and the therapeutic use of ozone therapy.


In 2016, my wife, our dog and I moved back to New Jersey to be closer to family.  I worked at The Magaziner Center for Wellness in Cherry Hill, NJ until November of 2020.  The Magaziner Center allowed me to grow and expand my knowledge in oncology, medical marijuana, gastrointestinal issues, Lyme disease (and other tick borne infections), mold toxicity, and chelation therapy.  I believe continuing education is critical and that’s why I’ve logged over 600 hours of continuing education in just under 10 years.


Coming back to my home state of New Jersey, to help the people who have helped make me the man I am today, has always been my goal.  Since New Jersey is one of the 27 states in the US that does not license and regulate the practice of naturopathic doctors like myself, I’ve decided to be an advocate and work towards offering access to naturopathic doctors through grassroots lobbying.  Those efforts paid off when, on July 27, 2020, Naturopathic Doctors Licensing Act was introduced into the NJ Assembly.  Unfortunately, this bill died in committee at the end of the legislative session and we need to start all over again with grassroots lobbying efforts. 


When I’m not in the office looking at updated research in the literature, doing continuing education or doing some work behind the scenes for patients, my wife Melissa, our daughter Willa, our son Rhett, and our dog Ruca are either kickin’ it at the beach, hiking, having kitchen dance parties or visiting a local brewery with friends.

Our Clinic


It's pretty simple, we want to help educate people about their health and let them choose what they'd like to use as their intervention.  We're going to lean more toward the evidence-based complementary and alternative approach but ultimately managing the health condition you have with either approach will be crucial. 

Everything we do, we do with integrity. Our clinic offers patients options in what we consider a therapeutic order, starting with least invasive and moving towards more invasive. For example, dietary modification, short-term or long-term, is usually necessary for the majority of conditions. This is the bottom of the therapeutic order because we all have to eat. When we eat, we're either feeding or fighting disease. The top of the therapeutic order includes intravenous and injection therapies. We like to offer our patients these services as well because we've found them to be extremely helpful for a wide variety of health issues, as well as for health maintenance.  Other services include a thorough evaluation of your biochemistry via traditional and non-traditional testing and evidence-based nutritional supplementation. 


Latest Clinic News:

Dr. Meyer is Certified in Functional Medicine!

August 1, 2023

Kyle Meyer, ND completed his training after 4 years and is now a certified functional medicine practitioner through the Institute for Functional Medicine! After completing 160+ hours of continuing education, a 30+ page case paper and a 200 question exam, he's now one of just 2,100+ practitioners certified worldwide. 

Our Office Has Moved!

February 28, 2022

Our office has moved locations effective February 28, 2022!  We have moved just a mile down the road from our old location to 2106 New Road, Suite E2 Linwood, NJ 08221.  All in-person office visits should report to the new location going forward.


Grand Opening

November 2, 2020


Dr's Glenn Miller, MD and Kyle Meyer, ND are joining forces to provide integrative medicine modalities to the residents of the South Jersey shore. The duo has over 30 years of clinical experience and their passion is in helping people and being accessible to their patients. The majority of their experience is in managing pain with non-opioid methods, thyroid hormone management, the safe and effective use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, cholesterol management and digestive health. They've also had experience in environmental medicine like heavy metal exposure and mold/mycotoxin-related illness, Lyme and co-infections, autoimmunity, and integrative oncology. Call now to inquire as to whether you'd be a good candidate for their services. 

Our Doctors
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